But only because new things are taking place. So don’t worry. I will forever be consumed with fiber.

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For Dinner?

w/ spinach
bacon bits
4 tbsp(+) olive oil
2 tbsp marinara
parmesan cheese

Today I was given with a sudden urge to bring my Lendrum wheel out into the light. Thus concerning a list of checkpoints needing to be achieved. 1) the proper attire as to which my wheel will reside during transport. that is where my journey began.

the bag in which is formely known as my wheel’s bag has been the lush loft hangout of my eldest feline, Kefir, sitting atop totes of wooliness in hopes to be in sight in mind. I removed the bag, knowing that there would be need for thurough cleaning and proceeded to the front room for better viewing. Once the duct tape had been found I furvously began dabbing away at the surface realizing it wasnt doing much good. I began wiping with my hand to form small piles of cat fur in hopes to gather as much as possible. That is when the lightbulbs blinked above my cranium and a ah-ha! eureka moment occured. What if I collected all this cat hair to spin up? Yeah , I have read (somewhere) sources that recalled thus said of insanity but never acted upon it. Without further adou I located a lovely ziplock bag and began shoveling acute piles of felineness into the gapping plastic mouth. My eagerness and obsession did not end there. I furthered my collection my retrieving the “Love Glove” from the closet and continued my harvesting from Cat Number One. He is used to the glove and took to it with delight. Cat Number Two didn’t know what to think of. I brushed and bagged them both three times and recorded my discoveries with a trusty ol’ sharpie noting from whom the fiber came and the day I began.

my theory over time is to collect enough fur from the two brave victims to spin up some yarn. maybe make cat toys with the reepings? who knows?

I have been spending the past four weeks preparing to host my first container garden. Seeds have been sown and are sprouting. Wood has been gathered to construct stylish yet afordable plant boxes. Plans are underway.

Bryan has been itching to put his new tools to use. A few beers and a couple of weekends and hopefully the boxes will be properly installed and ready for transplantings.

The list of hopeful participants: brusselsprouts, eggplants, cilantro, catnip, tomatillos, tomatoes, greenbeans, pimentos, banana peppers, basil, spinach, lettuce, collards – for the edibles. Foxgloves, butterfly bushes, sunflowers, chinese lanterns and various wildflowers.

Wish us luck!

I am sick of having cold feet.

So, enter thrummed bunny slippers. Why not? I don’t know if I will actually do the bunny motif or just leave them as regular slippers.

Today I am preparing the thrums. I had some love rusty red roving that I was willing to sacrifice a bit (I still have plenty to spin up for another project). I need to go to the yarn shop to pick up some bulky yarn. I had some Lambs Pride laying about to check my gauge, which was perfect!, and I think I will use that. I am going for a rustic look so maybe a nice caramel-y brown? Who knows what sort of whim I will fling.

Making thrums is rather mindless meditation. Draft, figure eight, wahlah! Already a bag full my dears.

I have looked through too many Somerset magazines and my fingers have itched to paint on canvas…so lets make art dolls! I am working on a new line of dolls for inspiration; muses to feed the creative pool. I am quite excited about this project because I am able to combine a lot of my styles into one bundle of pure INSPIRE! The sizes of the dolls will range from twelve inches to three feet (I might create monstrosities in the future).  I have been painting little faces all last night and spent three hours making a sample. It was near meditative.

Creation is Soulbinding – still in the thoughtpool, will be huge!
Ignite a Dream Fire – the first born

Thoughts and inspiration for the winter months coming up: Never deny sunshine that is trying to flood through your windows. Open up the blinds and welcome it in. Especially on cold days. Fill your life with color and texture. Laugh.

The other day.

Exert from my traveling journal:

Ripping out the “my so called scarf”.
How could I mess up this pattern?
How could I knit the wrong row on the wrong side?
It is totally recognizable as to which side is which!
My poor, poor laceweight alpaca.
It made horrible noises when ripping it out, like matted hair being brushed.

I turned to my husband in my distraught and muttered, “I am above this.”

Maggie Smith as Thetis from "Clash of the Titans"

Maggie Smith as Thetis

Which in turn caused a conversation including Maggie Smith, as Thetis from Clash of the Titans, cursing me for being so vain. Vain for knitting something for myself and humbling me for doing so.

So that is when I decided it was time to start my Wooly Wormhead Mystery KAL. I will show her how vain I can be!

Started: Friday 11.13.09, brim work 1×1 rib
Yarn: handspun using FatCatKnits fiber, turned out lovely
Needles: Two US2 circulars purchased from Knitpicks
Size: working size Medium

Mystery 'A' in its early stages

Today I get to face the rain. I really wish I had rain boots. (okay boots ordered! these ones will be arriving soon!)

on a August Friday morning.

A week ago, which it doesn’t feel like a week, I took a trip back to my hometown after not setting foot into it for almost four years. Why so long, you ask? Reliable transportation. You see, we were able to trade in our Dodge Dakota truck, which finally died via blew its poor little head off, for a new 2009 Nissan Versa. My husband and I didn’t realize how much weight we carried while owing the truck until it was gone. There were no more gloomy clouds over our heads. We could drive anywhere! And so we did.

While in my hometown I decided to stop by and see the LYS, Riverwools. Nice little shop full of wool. Just what I expected. There is a comfy couch in the back to relax and knit on. I ended up buying four skeins of Frog Tree laceweight alpaca for a toddler sweater I had in mind but greed and practicality caught me and this morning I decided that the Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig would be a more suitable choice. I texted my sister to run over to the shop to buy that last skein for me if they still have it. Hopefully they do.

My gauge for the sweater is larger and I am adjusted the pattern to fit my gauge rather than going down a needle size. I chose to do this for fear of not having enough yarn.
My gauge: 18sts=4″
Their gauge: 24sts=4″
So then, this morning I casted on 68 sts onto size US8 12″ circs and have knitted six rounds before my ADD got the best of me. I should really call it RADD (ravelry attention deficite disorder).

Yesterday, my darling friend brought me my EZ Opinionated Knitter! I am so happy to have it! I really want to make ski sweaters and new socks!

or How I Spent my Weekend

or Fiber Feng Shui

I have had enough! Enough of not knowing where everything is. Enough of feeling weighed down from disorganized books and yarn. Enough of looking around and finding bags of yarn in every corner. Something had to be done and had to be done without regret, question, or remorse. While listening to Bob Dylan, The Doors,Alela Diane and others, I spent hours cleaning, giving, organizing, sorting, stacking, lifting, and finally sitting down to have a beer.

Being a fiber person I wasn’t surprised to how much yarn I had not including fleece for spinning but HOLEY RUSTED METAL BATMAN! I was able to downsize my stash to five milk crate bins full of what I considered “good yarn worth keepin”. I think I would have had around thirteen crates if I kept everything.

Things are still a mess and I am sure it will be a few more days until everything seems “right”.

Have you had Fiber Wars? Did you recently do a huge overhall of your yarn collection?

Avril, o how lovely your Canadian Maple shines. Is it true you will darken with age? Just beauty marks, my darling. Don’t worry.

The breeze is lovely today, is it not? I hope you are happy.

What? Does the jumbo flyer make you look fat? What sort of question is that?! You know you are only wearing it because we have lots of work to do, right? Don’t make such a fuss.

I know you want that bamboo-merino but right now you have some scrumptous corridale. I’m sorry but we must stay focused. You clearly have been spoiled these past few weeks.

In the Click

Rust Bunny Hops

Miss March Matinee

Callum's Kaftan

Calico Rock Cardigan

River Rapid Socks

Felix Cardigan



Turn A Square Hat
Penta Slouch Hat

2 0 0 9

Handspun Everglade
A Dad Hat
Armadillo Hat
The Color of Moss Hat
Cobblestone Pullover
Scratchy Wool Hat
Better Bucket Hat
One Day Beret
Riphraph Mitts I
London Ridge Beret
Meret (mystery beret)
Stock Sock I (CCWRYT)
Stock Sock II (NICD)

2 0 0 8

Apres-Ski Kerchief
Baby Raglan Sweater
eLoomanator's Diagonal Knit Dishcloth
Lace Ribbon Scarf(ette)
Mountain Laurel Leaf (earrings)
Lyra's Cap
Northwoods Lodge Mitts
The Slump (Blue)
Soap Satchel
Stella's Hat
Topknot Socks
Wood and Berry

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