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I am having so much joy knitting this sock! The pattern is memorizable and in some way meditative. I am usually not this quick with socks. They are nice fitting as well. I hope I have enough yarn..might have to buy another ball. DH is going to freak when he gets these. He is already calling them his hiking socks.

We went on our first letterboxing adventure yesterday! We found it too! We enjoyed some good scenery and hiking action and were chased down the trail by Dire Horse Flies that can hover, yes hover!, in mid-air! OMG! Good thing we brought the bug spray. What more fun could one ask for?

Bry and I modeling in front of the Leonard Springs Nature Park Sign

The ever so awesome Springs!

There were tons more photos…mostly of trees but I editing has been a pain since the disk I tried to save them on didn’t work..there went an hours worth of my time..blah.

Well, off to jump on the bike to ride to town!


OMG! I came across these cute crochet things from the Lime and Violet Chum, here’s a link to the little safety cones!

I am so making these!

Yesterday I spent the whole day curled up sporting a pair of chunky manufactured knit socks, which were a Christmas present from my mom four years ago, and plotting my next fall into multi-project syndrom. Yes, I have a pair of socks on the needles but do I remember where I left off last in the lace pattern, NO. So why not start another pair..a little less brain activity kind.

Blame it on the slight drop in temperature (especially in the morning hours) that has caused these fingers to demand to knit socks. I have only finished one pair of socks..but guilt is not welcome in this house. I live guilt-free in my wooly-covered life.

The victim of choice is Harris Tweed by Ali Green. This pattern looks best in solid yarns but I have chosen a nice multi of grey, brown, yellow, and orange(Lion Brand Sock Ease – Toffee). Mmm..stripes. I am making these for my DH in hopes to complete them by winter(?), along with the other projects that I’ve started. A pullover for a two year old and lots of knitted facial cloths. Oi, what’s a girl to do?

I have decided that listening to Lime and Violet podcasts is the only way to keep my sanity! Swoosh…off to knit and listen to the girls!

Well, I am on the job hunt again and in this process my husband suggested that I take time to meditate and cleanse my soul. He said to find what I would enjoy doing and feel good about doing. Truthfully I am wanting to work somewhere a little closer to home. A place that serves and benefits our community. Only problem is I don’t know what is really out there. How would I go about searching?

On another note: a FO. 100% cotton goodness! (a.ka. Cider Cloth, RULES! on my Ravelry projects)
Pattern is eLoomanator’s Diagonal Knit Dishcloth knit on size US6 needles with a worsted weight cotton. The cotton is quite soft but pills a lot if left in your bag and you tote around town for two weeks. I am anticipating making a flock of these for Xmas gifts for the family this year. We will see how many I complete, haha.

Also, DH and I had amazing Sunday about two weeks ago just fooling around the IU campus fountains. Out of it I was able to get a good Self Portrait photograph.

In the Click

Rust Bunny Hops

Miss March Matinee

Callum's Kaftan

Calico Rock Cardigan

River Rapid Socks

Felix Cardigan



Turn A Square Hat
Penta Slouch Hat

2 0 0 9

Handspun Everglade
A Dad Hat
Armadillo Hat
The Color of Moss Hat
Cobblestone Pullover
Scratchy Wool Hat
Better Bucket Hat
One Day Beret
Riphraph Mitts I
London Ridge Beret
Meret (mystery beret)
Stock Sock I (CCWRYT)
Stock Sock II (NICD)

2 0 0 8

Apres-Ski Kerchief
Baby Raglan Sweater
eLoomanator's Diagonal Knit Dishcloth
Lace Ribbon Scarf(ette)
Mountain Laurel Leaf (earrings)
Lyra's Cap
Northwoods Lodge Mitts
The Slump (Blue)
Soap Satchel
Stella's Hat
Topknot Socks
Wood and Berry

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