on a August Friday morning.

A week ago, which it doesn’t feel like a week, I took a trip back to my hometown after not setting foot into it for almost four years. Why so long, you ask? Reliable transportation. You see, we were able to trade in our Dodge Dakota truck, which finally died via blew its poor little head off, for a new 2009 Nissan Versa. My husband and I didn’t realize how much weight we carried while owing the truck until it was gone. There were no more gloomy clouds over our heads. We could drive anywhere! And so we did.

While in my hometown I decided to stop by and see the LYS, Riverwools. Nice little shop full of wool. Just what I expected. There is a comfy couch in the back to relax and knit on. I ended up buying four skeins of Frog Tree laceweight alpaca for a toddler sweater I had in mind but greed and practicality caught me and this morning I decided that the Whisper Cardigan by Hannah Fettig would be a more suitable choice. I texted my sister to run over to the shop to buy that last skein for me if they still have it. Hopefully they do.

My gauge for the sweater is larger and I am adjusted the pattern to fit my gauge rather than going down a needle size. I chose to do this for fear of not having enough yarn.
My gauge: 18sts=4″
Their gauge: 24sts=4″
So then, this morning I casted on 68 sts onto size US8 12″ circs and have knitted six rounds before my ADD got the best of me. I should really call it RADD (ravelry attention deficite disorder).

Yesterday, my darling friend brought me my EZ Opinionated Knitter! I am so happy to have it! I really want to make ski sweaters and new socks!