Saibh Riot
of Saibh Riot Knits

“Once upon a time I was told or read somewhere (doesn’t matter how it came about) that as an artist I should find something to be obsessed over and never stop obsessing. So I searched and searched for a subject to fall head over heels with. Themes came and went, short summer flings they could be compaired to.  It wasn’t until 2003 I decided to find a something to keep me occupied while my brain was in a teenage angsty-type rebellion against artistic living. A word for the weary: creativeness cannot be ignored! So don’t fight it. I took up the needles and formed an (in some opinions) unhealthy addiction. Various yarns started to migrate into the house, sporing and now have taken over. My husband is ever-patient but the cats are in bliss. It wasn’t too long after that I decided to design knitwear. My portfolio is full of things that are and that will be. Constantly sketching ideas anywhere and everywhere.”

Saibh Riot/f.l. ward  is an artist, poet, knitter living in Bloomington, IN.