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Today I was given with a sudden urge to bring my Lendrum wheel out into the light. Thus concerning a list of checkpoints needing to be achieved. 1) the proper attire as to which my wheel will reside during transport. that is where my journey began.

the bag in which is formely known as my wheel’s bag has been the lush loft hangout of my eldest feline, Kefir, sitting atop totes of wooliness in hopes to be in sight in mind. I removed the bag, knowing that there would be need for thurough cleaning and proceeded to the front room for better viewing. Once the duct tape had been found I furvously began dabbing away at the surface realizing it wasnt doing much good. I began wiping with my hand to form small piles of cat fur in hopes to gather as much as possible. That is when the lightbulbs blinked above my cranium and a ah-ha! eureka moment occured. What if I collected all this cat hair to spin up? Yeah , I have read (somewhere) sources that recalled thus said of insanity but never acted upon it. Without further adou I located a lovely ziplock bag and began shoveling acute piles of felineness into the gapping plastic mouth. My eagerness and obsession did not end there. I furthered my collection my retrieving the “Love Glove” from the closet and continued my harvesting from Cat Number One. He is used to the glove and took to it with delight. Cat Number Two didn’t know what to think of. I brushed and bagged them both three times and recorded my discoveries with a trusty ol’ sharpie noting from whom the fiber came and the day I began.

my theory over time is to collect enough fur from the two brave victims to spin up some yarn. maybe make cat toys with the reepings? who knows?


Avril, o how lovely your Canadian Maple shines. Is it true you will darken with age? Just beauty marks, my darling. Don’t worry.

The breeze is lovely today, is it not? I hope you are happy.

What? Does the jumbo flyer make you look fat? What sort of question is that?! You know you are only wearing it because we have lots of work to do, right? Don’t make such a fuss.

I know you want that bamboo-merino but right now you have some scrumptous corridale. I’m sorry but we must stay focused. You clearly have been spoiled these past few weeks.

I have been keeping myself busy by spending loads of good quality time with my DH and going on tons of bike rides through the woods. Here are some things we encountered so far.

Some owls that live in the neighborhood. It is so cute to listen to them call back and forth to one another.

Here is the poor possum that we rescued from the trail. We took the poor guy in to Wildcare. TheĀ  employees said that a large animal, maybe a dog, got ahold of the possum and wounded him. He was frightened but I hope he knew we were trying to help out.

I got my Lendrum late April and have been spinning more than knitting these days. I haven’t taken as many photos as I should have during the spinning process but I am going to work on that. I have some recently spun setting twist at the moment so that will have to come later but here is what is hot on the wheel.

Fiber: Enchanted Hallow by FreckleFaceFibers

And this past Sunday I finished my first patchwork quilt pillow (is it patchwork or quilt? I am so new to this I’m not quite sure).

O, lastly and maybe leastly (since I feel this to be not my best)

FO! Haha…a hat. I ripped out my “Blue Schlump” to make this. I think it will have to be gifted to a child since it is a tad small. I do have to say that I loved knitting this hat and will definitely try again with the largest size and more repeats.

Pattern: Beaufort Hat [ravelink]


It has been a while since updating my little window here. I left you all with fearfullness, worries, stagnant place of being, tired…all of those things. I was in a pit of despair. Not where you would like to spend a holiday. No way indeed! Time had passed, has passed, things are UP! Clouds have parted and doorways have been opened. Okay, enough with the mush mush.

OBAMA has won, Bryan has made it through surgery and has been checked for cancer with NEGATIVE results and Autumn is here! What could be better?

I have been knitting hats like crazy. Trying to keep the craniums happy. Itching to knit new Christmas stockings (because we are actually going to have a “mantle” to place them on this year) and finally bought the correct size needle to start knitting the sleeves of Bry’s Cobblestone Pullover (by Jared Flood).


Took a walk this evening and was able to capture some snapshots along the way..

in order above: top left-the lyra hat, top right-blue slump, bottom left-koolhaas, bottom right-greyfell peeking thru the spinning wheel


Here I am this morning..after only 4.5 hours of sleep, knowing that I should at least catch another hour, but the coffee is strong and Ravelry is always on!

Why did I stay up so late?
Well to ply handspun yarn of course! This is called “Stormy Side” and after plying it with a sportweight wool blend from my stash, it still lives up to its name. I was impatient and took the yarn from the spindle to ply resulting in only 45 yards spun! BaH!

I haven’t done much handspun and this is my first that I can actually call a finished piece. I am hoping to have enough to make a pair of house socks. It is about a worsted weight but not bulky, on a size 6 to 8 needle it should work up nicely.

The pleasures of spinning my own yarn are endless. I feel as though I trully become attached/connected to the fiber and watch it grow into a beautiful stage. It is the same feeling a mother gets with a child. My hands protect and guide the fibers until they are strong enough to be their own.

This yarn is llama, wool, and maybe other ingredients..for I am not sure what my stash yarn was completely made of.

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