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This weekend was full of lustings. I didn’t have the budget to buy but instead decided to hand crochet a beret I fell in love with at Urban Outfitters. At the moment it could easily be mistaken as a doily, I emphasize this is not a doily!

The secret to a snug fit beret (I found out) is to weave in a rounded elastic band around the bottom. The ones I saw snuggly woven were black but you could use a white as well.


What does the Stormonacci have in store for me today? Well, let’s see..maybe an hours worth of knitting totally ripped away. It hurt to do this since I am notorious for stretching out projected knitting time to never finish an object (but of course it is all part of my brilliant logically structure plan to take over the WORLD!).

At first I noticed and remarked, “damn, I don’t think this is going to stay on my head.” Indeed I was disgruntled and perplexed by the realization and thought of many alternatives (such as building an elaborate machine to magically lengthen the stitches or to finish it up and call it a ‘boob cozy’ – both ideas irrational).

So on I go to knitting, counting, swearing, and hoping to not create mistakes that cannot be ignored.

The weather changes on a whim from chilly rain to comfortable wind to miserable heat within twenty-four hours from each other. How is a knitter to make up their mind as to what project to toss into the All-Day-Bag? Should it be the chunky cotton shawl, the circular ribbed wool sweater, or a small project that can keep safe from moisture? This is where I the author plop down in my seat and sigh and throw my hands to the ceiling in distress! It has been such a ridiculous ordeal that I don’t have the desire to do anything but stare at the walls in hope that Reasoning would crawl back inside reclaiming her position. Bah! It is all out the door and no signs point to the return of such things.

For my birthday I “splurged” (in which I bought a slightly more costly wool than usual but nothing insane to break the bank) on some Cascades thick and thin yarn not knowing what exactly I was going to do with such a thing. One skein + logic n’ strategy = hat. Fibronacci numbers as an inspiration and began to write the pattern as I knitted along. So, here is the tale of my progess in rhyme.

On I cast the stitches there
In which the needles could hardly bare
From off the ends the wool did slide
Slip and slink from the left to right.

Quick I went now double fisted
To keep my stitches becoming twisted
Knit two, purl two a rib so snug
I clicked onward without a shrug

Thirteen, eight, five, three, two
One to one, now what to do?

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