or How I Spent my Weekend

or Fiber Feng Shui

I have had enough! Enough of not knowing where everything is. Enough of feeling weighed down from disorganized books and yarn. Enough of looking around and finding bags of yarn in every corner. Something had to be done and had to be done without regret, question, or remorse. While listening to Bob Dylan, The Doors,Alela Diane and others, I spent hours cleaning, giving, organizing, sorting, stacking, lifting, and finally sitting down to have a beer.

Being a fiber person I wasn’t surprised to how much yarn I had not including fleece for spinning but HOLEY RUSTED METAL BATMAN! I was able to downsize my stash to five milk crate bins full of what I considered “good yarn worth keepin”. I think I would have had around thirteen crates if I kept everything.

Things are still a mess and I am sure it will be a few more days until everything seems “right”.

Have you had Fiber Wars? Did you recently do a huge overhall of your yarn collection?