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I have been keeping myself busy by spending loads of good quality time with my DH and going on tons of bike rides through the woods. Here are some things we encountered so far.

Some owls that live in the neighborhood. It is so cute to listen to them call back and forth to one another.

Here is the poor possum that we rescued from the trail. We took the poor guy in to Wildcare. The  employees said that a large animal, maybe a dog, got ahold of the possum and wounded him. He was frightened but I hope he knew we were trying to help out.

I got my Lendrum late April and have been spinning more than knitting these days. I haven’t taken as many photos as I should have during the spinning process but I am going to work on that. I have some recently spun setting twist at the moment so that will have to come later but here is what is hot on the wheel.

Fiber: Enchanted Hallow by FreckleFaceFibers

And this past Sunday I finished my first patchwork quilt pillow (is it patchwork or quilt? I am so new to this I’m not quite sure).

O, lastly and maybe leastly (since I feel this to be not my best)

FO! Haha…a hat. I ripped out my “Blue Schlump” to make this. I think it will have to be gifted to a child since it is a tad small. I do have to say that I loved knitting this hat and will definitely try again with the largest size and more repeats.

Pattern: Beaufort Hat [ravelink]


Spring has come and what does a girl do when the weather makes promises of warmer days. Well, knit more socks and maybe a beret or two, I say.

Nights are longer and Nature beckons to be indulged in. We have been walking a lot these days. IU campus is wonderful in early Spring sunlight. We grab a couple of honeydew bubbleteas from Chow Bar on Indiana and cross over to walk by the observatory.

I submitted a poem to fiore, the B-town literary magazine. I need to be more involved with my town because I love it so. I write all the time but just file it away in folders to be unread by eyes. I have for the longest time wanted to make a poetry zine to sell at Boxcar Books. Maybe this will be the year? 2009 was to hold a lot of promises. 2009 was to make life more fulfilling. That is what we agreed upon.

Pattern: Meret by Wooly Wormhead [ravelink]
Needles: US7
Yarn: Rainbow Wool by Yarn Bee; colorway Seastorm

No no no. Nothing is falling except snow.

Here is a new pattern! Had loads of fun designing and knitting on my snow day!

Pattern: London Ridge Beret – Ravelink’d!
Yarn: Red Heart Soft Solid in Grape, 1 skein
Needles: set of 5 US#6 dpn

I still have three patterns to write up, pdf, and get them ready for the world. The three troublemakers; Riphraph Mitts, Snowden, and Northwoods Lodge Mittens.

Snowed in? Knit up this dimple textured bulky hat and quick! Made on size US11 circulars and has an easy to remember pattern sequence.



It has been a while since updating my little window here. I left you all with fearfullness, worries, stagnant place of being, tired…all of those things. I was in a pit of despair. Not where you would like to spend a holiday. No way indeed! Time had passed, has passed, things are UP! Clouds have parted and doorways have been opened. Okay, enough with the mush mush.

OBAMA has won, Bryan has made it through surgery and has been checked for cancer with NEGATIVE results and Autumn is here! What could be better?

I have been knitting hats like crazy. Trying to keep the craniums happy. Itching to knit new Christmas stockings (because we are actually going to have a “mantle” to place them on this year) and finally bought the correct size needle to start knitting the sleeves of Bry’s Cobblestone Pullover (by Jared Flood).


Took a walk this evening and was able to capture some snapshots along the way..

in order above: top left-the lyra hat, top right-blue slump, bottom left-koolhaas, bottom right-greyfell peeking thru the spinning wheel


So much has happened since the last post. On September 16, 2008 we found out that my DH has a tumor in his colon and that the doctor wants to do surgery immediately. We are seeing another doctor (an actual surgeon and part of the cancer team at the hospital). Times are rough here.  I am out of work so we only have one income to pay all the bills and believe me we are scraping by. Things are stressed because we don’t know any final outcomes whether there is cancer in there or not. Waiting is the hardest part of knowing. This past week has been hell. We live the day trying not to worry and ignoring the situation but still it is there poking at our stomachs letting us know it isn’t going away.

Seven years ago he went in for a colonoscopy and they found two polyps and an ulcer. They gave him medication in the form of cream but did not mention to him to come back in to get the polyps removed. This year we called the same clinic to make an appointment with them. They had no record of him having a colonoscopy done but record of an anesthesia given plus the medication cream. Strange. We were confused, upset, throwing blames but nothing could be done.

In hopes to raise some money I set up my first Etsy ( shop ever.

I have been wanting to do this for over a year and just haven’t had the courage to. We need money…I make art and knit. I can make money. I mentioned on Etsy that the money is being raised for medical bills during this time. I somewhat feel that people don’t really want to hear this or they might think it to be used as a sale pitch and I don’t want them to feel like that. I am only being honest in what I am doing. It is hard to even get noticed on Etsy without proper advertisement and I am not one to go around and brag and advertise much.

To try to keep my mind off things and yet still on things, I began knitting my DH a sweater. With every stitch there is a tiny prayer. With every row there is hope and love. I chose to knit the Cobblestone Pullover by Jared Flood.

I do have a finished project and also one being offered as either a pattern or handmade good on my Etsy site.

The Wood and Berry Cowl

I have two new FO updates! I feel more confident each time I complete a project. I totally owe it all to my knit group I meet with on a weekly basis. They keep me excited about what is being knitted and the various fiber-related topics going around. I think the knitting community is one of the best atmospheres one can grow in.

The first FO: these are very much elf socks. Made with Cascade 220 Wool. The socks are from Debbie Bliss’ Essential Baby Knits, part one of a two part pattern; “Top Notch Hat and Socks”. I call them “Jolly Green Bambinos”. I added some decorative embroidery plucked from the pages of EZ’s Knitting Without Tears.

The other FO: Knit from personal hand-dyed 100% silk (I believe was rescued and recycled from a sweater by orata) and using the “Apres-Ski Kercheif” pattern from Handknit Holidays…I give you the Green Woman Kercheif! I adjusted the gauge to knit with a finer yarn using size US6 – 5 sts = 1 inch.

Other mods:
Using my mentioned gauge work pattern until ~ 87 sts
Knit 4 rows continuing the increase on WS as established   ~ 91 sts
Next row: CO 40 sts using Cable CO method, turn and bind off those 40 sts, knit across row.
Next row: CO 40 sts, bind off across those and remaining sts.
Weave in ends..

If you want to destroy my sweater (woo woo woo..)
Pull this thread as I walk away (as I walk away..)
Now for your listening to pleasure..feel free to click, listen and read

Taking time out of my busy schedule to mangle and abuse yet another sweater. What a fine specimen this one turned out to be. Both sleeves unraveled beautifully in length. It was the front and back (probably due to my carelessness in cutting) unraveled in two yard pieces. I think they can still be used in emergencies. This sweater started to come undone at the sleeves (thanks Old Navy..grumble bah) but I loved the color too much to get rid of it. I am thinking of transforming the yarn into comfy house socks..thickly cabled or something like that. Maybe cooking up a little pattern to go with them. I am not planning on getting to these until late fall. I loved the stitch pattern of the sweater and am hoping to duplicate it for some other project (kept a small swatch to copy from).



And now for the manipulation! a FO undergoing some hopeful blocking, all that remains is adding buttons and wearing it in time for fall! I loved this scarf but would definitely make another using the recommended gauge. This scarf was made using size US6 needles and Caron Simply Soft Heathers; Autumn colorway. I changed the gauge to 5 sts per inch.

Name: French Girl Envy
Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf

Well, I am on the job hunt again and in this process my husband suggested that I take time to meditate and cleanse my soul. He said to find what I would enjoy doing and feel good about doing. Truthfully I am wanting to work somewhere a little closer to home. A place that serves and benefits our community. Only problem is I don’t know what is really out there. How would I go about searching?

On another note: a FO. 100% cotton goodness! (a.ka. Cider Cloth, RULES! on my Ravelry projects)
Pattern is eLoomanator’s Diagonal Knit Dishcloth knit on size US6 needles with a worsted weight cotton. The cotton is quite soft but pills a lot if left in your bag and you tote around town for two weeks. I am anticipating making a flock of these for Xmas gifts for the family this year. We will see how many I complete, haha.

Also, DH and I had amazing Sunday about two weeks ago just fooling around the IU campus fountains. Out of it I was able to get a good Self Portrait photograph.

I awoke to little nips and kneadings as the younger of the two cats, Greyfell, took up the habit of nursing / suckling. It started as cute cat paws on the backs of my legs but ended up as eager attempts to actually nurse my elbows. Greyfell is now at the age that Kefir began nursing “Panda” (which is a stuffed animal of mine that I would sleep with religiously). Greyfell has chosen a soft fuzzy blue blanket in which I sleep with instead of Panda. It must be my scent on these items. Ah, to study the regression habits of cats is an interesting hobby.

As far as knitting goes I have decided that the Fibonacci hat will be too short and need to rip back a few rows for adjustment. I have plenty of yarn and should use it to its full potential. The colorway has been a pleasure to work with as stormy blues always put me in a calm and relaxant state. And watching the fabric grow from thick to think and somewhere in between has added a bit of adventure to the mix.

I had a dream last night about miniature Koala that you could buy from the pet store, his name was Amor. And as a intriguing challenge I will attempt to knit a miniature Koala! Which will then be offered as a free pattern on here..and Ravelry. Stay tuned for details, rants, and pure adoration.

Now for the FO: Leaflings
Mountain Laurel Leaf Earrings

In the Click

Rust Bunny Hops

Miss March Matinee

Callum's Kaftan

Calico Rock Cardigan

River Rapid Socks

Felix Cardigan



Turn A Square Hat
Penta Slouch Hat

2 0 0 9

Handspun Everglade
A Dad Hat
Armadillo Hat
The Color of Moss Hat
Cobblestone Pullover
Scratchy Wool Hat
Better Bucket Hat
One Day Beret
Riphraph Mitts I
London Ridge Beret
Meret (mystery beret)
Stock Sock I (CCWRYT)
Stock Sock II (NICD)

2 0 0 8

Apres-Ski Kerchief
Baby Raglan Sweater
eLoomanator's Diagonal Knit Dishcloth
Lace Ribbon Scarf(ette)
Mountain Laurel Leaf (earrings)
Lyra's Cap
Northwoods Lodge Mitts
The Slump (Blue)
Soap Satchel
Stella's Hat
Topknot Socks
Wood and Berry

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