Spring has come and what does a girl do when the weather makes promises of warmer days. Well, knit more socks and maybe a beret or two, I say.

Nights are longer and Nature beckons to be indulged in. We have been walking a lot these days. IU campus is wonderful in early Spring sunlight. We grab a couple of honeydew bubbleteas from Chow Bar on Indiana and cross over to walk by the observatory.

I submitted a poem to fiore, the B-town literary magazine. I need to be more involved with my town because I love it so. I write all the time but just file it away in folders to be unread by eyes. I have for the longest time wanted to make a poetry zine to sell at Boxcar Books. Maybe this will be the year? 2009 was to hold a lot of promises. 2009 was to make life more fulfilling. That is what we agreed upon.

Pattern: Meret by Wooly Wormhead [ravelink]
Needles: US7
Yarn: Rainbow Wool by Yarn Bee; colorway Seastorm