Winter come. Snow come. Windchill come! As a lover of wool cold air is inviting. Winter, as defined by yours trully, is the part of year that keeps your cheeks rosy, your spirit cozy and your hands content at sweater work.

My Cobbleston Pullover by Jared Flood. This is by far the largest project I have undertook.  Surprisingly I am not letting it bog me down and it is a wonderful pattern.

Also, a staining experiment. The contestants are as followed from left to right; Coffee-stained, Tea-stained, and the original.
I had fun trying to attain that walnuty color without using walnuts. Coffee seems to be the winner. I will probably use it in a hat for my husband of some sort. Fairisle has been calling my name lately and I am sure to have some wool left over from his Cobblestone Pullover.

The title of this post is a lyric from Mariee Sioux.