Hello and happy Wooly Wednesday!

What is Wooly Wednesday? Well, well my loves it is in fact the (1) midweek point (2) begins with ‘W’ to make the title quite alliterative and (3) a day in which I can dedicate to worship at the feet of this thing we call Wool.

Why Wool? It is warm and soft and comes from cuddly beings…need I say more?

From a previous post magically inserted for viewing pleasure there was an out of focus photo of little curious eyes peering from between wooden spokes of a wheel. The question that thus followed from my dearest orata was if it is a new spinning wheel. And to answer her question…yes, it has recently came into my possession under a lender contract from another dear, aimeed, and I am having a blast!

Obviously me and the camera will never agree on focus. Maybe it was the lighting or the fact that I turned off the flash? The unsteady hands of a too much coffee drinker?

The wheel is an Ashford Kiwi. It has been a great wheel to learn on, hurray! I am already plotting my next move and dropping hints to the DH for future purchase. He has been quite interested in the wheel and even asked for me to teach him! Still waiting for that time to come around. So, lost in fiberation…good good good good fiberations (o deary if only the tune wasn’t so catchy)!

Ah, the Wooly Wormhead Mystery Beret KAL. This is me casting on. We will see how far I get.

Saibh Signing out.