I am having so much joy knitting this sock! The pattern is memorizable and in some way meditative. I am usually not this quick with socks. They are nice fitting as well. I hope I have enough yarn..might have to buy another ball. DH is going to freak when he gets these. He is already calling them his hiking socks.

We went on our first letterboxing adventure yesterday! We found it too! We enjoyed some good scenery and hiking action and were chased down the trail by Dire Horse Flies that can hover, yes hover!, in mid-air! OMG! Good thing we brought the bug spray. What more fun could one ask for?

Bry and I modeling in front of the Leonard Springs Nature Park Sign

The ever so awesome Springs!

There were tons more photos…mostly of trees but I editing has been a pain since the disk I tried to save them on didn’t work..there went an hours worth of my time..blah.

Well, off to jump on the bike to ride to town!