Well, I am on the job hunt again and in this process my husband suggested that I take time to meditate and cleanse my soul. He said to find what I would enjoy doing and feel good about doing. Truthfully I am wanting to work somewhere a little closer to home. A place that serves and benefits our community. Only problem is I don’t know what is really out there. How would I go about searching?

On another note: a FO. 100% cotton goodness! (a.ka. Cider Cloth, RULES! on my Ravelry projects)
Pattern is eLoomanator’s Diagonal Knit Dishcloth knit on size US6 needles with a worsted weight cotton. The cotton is quite soft but pills a lot if left in your bag and you tote around town for two weeks. I am anticipating making a flock of these for Xmas gifts for the family this year. We will see how many I complete, haha.

Also, DH and I had amazing Sunday about two weeks ago just fooling around the IU campus fountains. Out of it I was able to get a good Self Portrait photograph.