Little did I know that I was in the midst of a great war. A war that happens to be taking place in my kitchen. (We go marching one by one- hurrah, hurrah.) A great army united that can wreck havoc on a womans nerves. Ants. Yes, I knew you knew what I was going on about but please leave me to keep my dramatic typing. But to tell the truth, they are getting the better of me. I feel them crawling all over me! And I look down..and they are! It is not a hallucination, folks. I haven’t sautéed up any “special” mushrooms lately. I haven’t brewed any monks blend teas (let me know if you have experienced any teas as such – I had once that left my tongue numb and left me feeling a little “lifted”). Does anyone have any advice as far as winning a war on ants? Keep in mind I have two little furries that I would like to stay toxin free! If so, let me know!

In other news: I began dream designing the construction of the Niobe hat. The Cascades Jewel is still amazing (even after ripping it out – a.k.a. Stormonacci Hat, which regrettably did not succeed). I have fallen victim to free fonts (which happens to be a long forgotten vice from highschool) and have downloaded some scrumptious morsels for knit pattern pdf designs! I so do love.