Here I am this morning..after only 4.5 hours of sleep, knowing that I should at least catch another hour, but the coffee is strong and Ravelry is always on!

Why did I stay up so late?
Well to ply handspun yarn of course! This is called “Stormy Side” and after plying it with a sportweight wool blend from my stash, it still lives up to its name. I was impatient and took the yarn from the spindle to ply resulting in only 45 yards spun! BaH!

I haven’t done much handspun and this is my first that I can actually call a finished piece. I am hoping to have enough to make a pair of house socks. It is about a worsted weight but not bulky, on a size 6 to 8 needle it should work up nicely.

The pleasures of spinning my own yarn are endless. I feel as though I trully become attached/connected to the fiber and watch it grow into a beautiful stage. It is the same feeling a mother gets with a child. My hands protect and guide the fibers until they are strong enough to be their own.

This yarn is llama, wool, and maybe other ingredients..for I am not sure what my stash yarn was completely made of.