I awoke to little nips and kneadings as the younger of the two cats, Greyfell, took up the habit of nursing / suckling. It started as cute cat paws on the backs of my legs but ended up as eager attempts to actually nurse my elbows. Greyfell is now at the age that Kefir began nursing “Panda” (which is a stuffed animal of mine that I would sleep with religiously). Greyfell has chosen a soft fuzzy blue blanket in which I sleep with instead of Panda. It must be my scent on these items. Ah, to study the regression habits of cats is an interesting hobby.

As far as knitting goes I have decided that the Fibonacci hat will be too short and need to rip back a few rows for adjustment. I have plenty of yarn and should use it to its full potential. The colorway has been a pleasure to work with as stormy blues always put me in a calm and relaxant state. And watching the fabric grow from thick to think and somewhere in between has added a bit of adventure to the mix.

I had a dream last night about miniature Koala that you could buy from the pet store, his name was Amor. And as a intriguing challenge I will attempt to knit a miniature Koala! Which will then be offered as a free pattern on here..and Ravelry. Stay tuned for details, rants, and pure adoration.

Now for the FO: Leaflings
Mountain Laurel Leaf Earrings